Teaching is an important part in academic practice at university. My teaching method relies on a few basic elements.

First, whenever possible I try to promote teamwork. Based on reports produced by Polish employers’ organization we know that graduates of Polish universities lack this important skill. My tasks is to help students find their own way toward effective teamwork.

Second, since I hope that many of my students will work in international environment, including at the EU institutions, usually I ask them to read scientific literature in English (at least as optional readings).

Third, I pay attention to the importance of social science methodology, whose good command not only can help in academia, but also in a work environment.

In 2009-2011, among the English-language courses I taught at the University of Warsaw were the following:

„Comparative Politics”

„The 2009 Elections to the European Parliament – Still Second-Order?”

„EU Policies and Policy Making”

„Political Parties in the European Union”

„Presentation Skills for Students”


“European Law”

“Methods in Political Research”

In the Polish language I taught two important courses:

Introduction to EU Policies (BA Level)

Dynamics of EU Policy Making (MA Level).

In the academic year 2011/2011 I taught  Dynamics of EU Policy Making at the University of Zurich.

Finally, I would like to mention that on invitation from the Polish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Polish National School for Public Administration (KSAP), I run courses for practitioners.